A Michelin star restaurant for your team's information diet.

BookSync is a new way to think about training. Assign a set of books to everyone in your department, and watch your dashboard jump to life as the learning begins.

Your team, 30% improved in 30 days, or your money back. Launching soon.

After making a BookSync account, you create a group such as “Sales”.


Select the books your salespeople should read, or use our templates.



You invite your team to BookSync, and they’re assigned their first book.


Everyone on the team can see team progress, keeping everyone motivated and engaged.

How BookSync Works, in Four Simple Steps
BookSync Benefits

Studies repeatedly show that a trained workforce results in measurably higher productivity and job satisfaction and also lower turnover.

As the joke goes:

CFO: What if we train our staff, and they leave?
CEO: What if we don't, and they stay?

But not all companies have time to create and manage training programs. Outside trainers and consultants are expensive, and offer mixed results.

With BookSync, you can launch an effective, sustainable new training program within 15 minutes, for less than the cost of one night at a business hotel.